SPECIALTY occupations

We at MAD are passionate about workwear and our hardworking, courageous, innovative team who thinks out of the box. That’s why we steeped in to this industry through this special task, by providing the detailed and finest uniforms for specialty occupations. The journey had started with the well known brand “COC” – Commando’s On Call ‘of Shieldbird Private Limited and their group of companies.  


range of products

Specialty Uniform Accessory | Private Security Uniform Shirts / Blouse

Specialty Uniform Shirt | Private Security Uniform Trousers / Skirts

Specialty Uniform Trousers |Body Guard Uniform Shirt

Embroidery Badges / Patches| Body Guard Uniform Trousers

Lanyard / Whistle |Clip-On-Tie / Tie Bar (Metal)

Metal Badges |Duty Gears / Waist Belts

Shoes / Boots |Polo t-shirts / Trousers

Back packs |Berets / caps / Ties