who we are?

We are the Sri Lanka’s leading uniforms and workwear fashion brand; which is established by a team of field experts with a philosophy of giving you the best workwear solution at your work. Whatever you need to wear at your work, we have got you covered in detail!

Small companies to well recognized multinational companies  choose MAD everyday. Providing the finest uniform and workwear solutions for industries including specialty occupation, healthcare and hospitality, manufacturing and retail, international schools and universities, we offer an array of uniforms, work trousers, tunics, scrubs, polo shirts and many more suitable clothing and accessory options for your profession.







Incorporated in the year 2016 Mother and Daughters Pvt Ltd, also known as MAD has become a recognized supplier of quality Uniforms, Workware and corporate clothing. We MAD are a team of passionate people who are more passionate about what we do. Our hardworking, courageous, innovative team wants to transform the way many business sectors above and beyond in all over the country.

We believe that many Sri Lankan Industries have a gap that needs to be fulfilled in terms of enhancing their uniform or workwear. Keeping this in context, the men and women who have worn our clothing over the past years inspire us to go further in excelling our passions. This means we are equipped to handle whatever the challenges that comes our way.

We deliver solutions that work and uniforms that are functional for the job you do. MAD is the place where employees/ team will look forward to their day today workwear which ultimately stay with them more than their working hours.

As team MAD stand as more trustworthy brand, both in terms of actually satisfying customers through our clothing solution and comfortability of the final product.

We create your uniforms and workwear for you that fits your needs. 

To put it simply, it works for you and it works for us.



The workwear clothing needs to enhance the employee’s performance not restrict it. Our flexibility in terms of our services has enabled us to handle orders that are small to medium in size with equal efficiency with a strong sense of urgency.

We believe in giving a total solutions package to our clients from safety features to designs, embroidered logos, badges or insignia and footwear to uplift your brand image. We understand the need to look professional while wearing the right outfit. So we give careful consideration to the design of all MAD Workwear garments. Even the smallest detail is tuned and perfected to give you more confidence and to take pride in your work.


our mission

To inspire workwear to be a fashion in Sri Lanka, whilst keeping to our ethos of providing  workware and uniforms that are durable, comfortable, functional and protective. As well as to ”Empower the women in Sri Lanka as the women own, run and managing company in Sri Lanka.”

our vision

To provide best workwear and uniforms that provides a total solutions package in Sri Lanka, and enhance performance, better than ever’