A premium security services provider in Sri Lanka. The very first subsidiary of Watchguard group of companies, Shieldbird(Pvt) Ltd was established in 1998 in order to cater for high-end security demand and remains to be the most innovative, sophisticated and premium security services with the theme of integration of technology with physical guarding. 

Putting it to our design work flow, we crafted specialty out fits according to different ranks,  Officer In-Charge / Shieldbird Agent / Shieldbird Lady Agent. Taking the main colour pallet of the Group as Blue we used Sky Blue Colour long Sleeved Shirt with Navy Colour Duty Pant for Officer In-Charges together with Navy Blue Neck Tie and introduced a Metal Tie Bar while Male Female Shieldbird Agents in full Navy Colour Long / Short sleeved shirt with Duty Pant/Skirts made out of  fine Poly Cotton crease resisted, Highly durable, UV protected fabric.

The shirt has two useful chest pockets with pen slot and scalloped flaps with buttons and Velcro closure. Metal Reel ID badge slot on the shoulder gives space to clip it on, which makes easier to introduce about themselves in any time.

Navy Blue coloured Epaulets with Ash colour band make it attractive and matched highly with the Sleeve Embroidery Patch and the Metal Chest Badge. Duty Pant/Skirt made with Two and a Half  inches wide Belt loops help to carry Two Inches Wide Black duty Belt, while Metal zipper brings additional strength and it helps to last longer.

We have introduces a White Inner T-shirt for Male/Female Agents and complete the outfit with Black Beret embellished with Embroidered company Logo. This outfit helps to enhance the personality of these pro officers. As we can see from the final result how they have please through their finest attire.