FORCE 101 is a franchise of Shieldbird (Pvt) Ltd, with a goal to provide high quality commercial wastage management in Sri Lanka which aware of the essential quality, motivated and highly trained staff. As we taking this task to create them a professional outfit,  which stands for a strong brand identity. Using brand colours and durable fabrics are ensure about the standards of FORCE 101 team. Rather than just a uniform it display as a  functional uniform which make them easier to work on different services. They do cleaning with simplicity and professionalism.

They are armed with more knowledge and experience when it comes to the best chemicals, tools, and methods to. Hence we came up with few designs eg: Coveralls, Performance T-Shirt, Multy Duty and Hi Visibility Work Pant depending on the site job they do,  Workware Shirts, Trousers, Waiters and Manageress Uniforms which are especially crafted for FORCE101 keeping the branding and the performance of various job roles in mind.