COC – Commando on calls

Bringing our vision for an original product to life was frequently one of the biggest task for our brand. The origin of our product journey has begins from Watchguard Group of companies. COC – Commando On Calls was their very first subsidiary brand which was established in 2017,  in order to cater for high-end security demand and remains to be the most innovative, sophisticated and premium security services with the theme of integration of technology with physical guarding together with an invention of a security App call COC that provides the emergency assistance of commandos within a matter of minutes. That was determined to provide excellent assistance with highly skilled and well-disciplined thoroughly vetted ex-military ranks who are obliged to undertake any type of challenge.

Taking that brief into our consideration, we crafted an exclusive set of uniform for them which could enhance their personality according to their brand identity. It was consisted of detailed 8 elements. Long Sleeved Shirt with Duty Pant made out of  fine Poly Cotton crease resisted and UV Protected fabric meets modern performance. The shirt has two useful chest pockets which consist of box fleet and scalloped flaps with button and Velcro closure. Mini Camera slot created in the Pocket Flaps made it easy to capture the important moments while they are on duty. Cross-stitched shoulder straps are to keep their walkie talkies.

The whole outfit is made of  Deep Navy Blue colour which is useful to keep maintain more uniqueness and Uniformity with right handed embroidered sleeve patch and the metal Chest Badge of COC brand.  We have added the metal reel ID badge to make it easy for them to use their Identity Card according to the job they do. Duty Gear with Seven Compartments to carry essentials eg: tourch, Keys and other supportive accessories of COC officer. This outfit brings add value when wearing with contrasting White Inner T-Shirt. As we can see from the final outcome how they have satisfied through their finest attire.